Mixture of extruded feed (MEF)


MEF produced from natural raw materials, does not contain – taste enhancers, antibiotics, hormones.

The flexible prices and individual approach to each customer, a guarantee of quality and promptness.

In all countries with developed agriculture, the production of highly nutritious and easily digestible animal feed by means of extrusion technology it has long been commonplace.
With this unique treatment practically is doubled the nutritional value of animal feed. The use of extruded feeds makes it possible to farms increase the daily gain of livestock and increase daily milk yields. At the same time due to the complete disinfection of animal feed, the incidence – is reduced to a minimum.
During MEF production – grains and beans are exposed to momentarily, but very intense mechanical and the barothermal impacts. Due to the high temperature of 110-160 ° C, a pressure of 50 atm and the shear conditions extruder of helical mechanisms, occur as a result of the structural-mechanical and chemical changes the feedstock. Due to the sharp pressure drop when leaving the heated grains-legume masses – there is an increase in the volume of the product, which makes it more accessible for influence of enzymes of animal stomach and also enhances the digestibility of up to 90%.
In the process of extruding – starch breaks down into simple sugars, a harmful microflora is disinfected, and vitamins and amino acids as contained in cereals due to the short duration of the process are preserved almost completely.

The inclusion of extruded feeds into the diet agricultural animals leads to an:
  • an increase of protein nitrogen 12.6%
  • replenishment of the microbial protein 36.8%
  • increase microbial protein synthesis by 40%

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